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Hiveworld Hands-On

14 Sessions covering Hive Management, Weather, Feeding, Flows, Honey Extraction, Pest & Disease Control, and Tips to make your hobby as rewarding as it is fascinating.


What you'll get:

  • Experience beekeeping from the beginning of spring all the way up until we wrap hives
  • Advice from professionals on pests and disease identification and treatment
  • First hand feeding and supplementing
  • Guidance on timing. The Number 1 thing in Beekeeping




  1. Kickoff (Currently Being Updated)
  2. Overwintered Hives & Spring Feeding
  3. Setting Up New Colonies from Nucs
  4. Colony Buildup & Managing Nutrition
  5. Splitting Overwintered Hives
  6. Varroa Mite Testing and Treatments
  7. Prep for the Main Flow & Moving Your Bees
  8. Main Flow Hive Management & When to Add Boxes
  9. First Honey Pull
  10. Second Honey Pull
  11. Final Honey Pull
  12. Queen Condition & Colony Strength / Fall Feeding & Preparing for Winter
  13. How a Hive Should Look Before Winter / What to do if You Have a Weak Colony
  14. Wrapping Your Hive
  15. Honey Extraction *BONUS
  16. Indoor Overwintering *BONUS