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Learn how to make your interest in bees pay.  Your fascination with this tiny insect will be rewarding.  Learn how at Hiveworld Academy.

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Welcome to the Free Orientation to Beekeeping Course.

This course should be used as a guide and starting place to get your interest in bees fired up in the right direction.

The Basics Beekeeping Course

Our favorite course for new beekeepers who want to know where to start.  Get access to important information to get you through your first season.  This course is prized for information to help you be successful!

Recorded Hiveworld Hands-On

Get access to all live Hiveworld Hands-On sessions. Recorded for viewing at any time. Each session covers a different topic, with questions answered from those watching live!

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Alternate Revenue Stream From Bees

Learn about the business of bees.  How many hives would you need for them to provide an income stream equal to your current income?  How to manage risk, easily obtain financing and sell your hive products.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business Selling Quality Hive Products

Learn about ways to generate revenue from bee hives.  From pollination in the Fraser Valley to Honey Comb production in Alberta, we unpack it all.

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